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Springs Service In Kingwood By Servo Garage Door Repair

What You Need to Know About Garage Door Springs

There are many important parts that keep your garage door operational. While it may not be entirely apparent, one of the most important parts are the springs, which you can often find at the ceiling of your garage. The purpose of your garage door springs is to help open the door. The springs stretch each time the door is closed, creating potential energy. Upon opening the door, the potential energy is released to kinetic energy. This makes it possible for your to manually lift the door when you need to work on it. It also makes it easier for the garage door opener to open the door by essentially giving it a boost. There are two types of springs that you might find on a garage door: torsion springs and extension springs. Most garage doors utilize torsion springs, which have the coil of the spring reaching the ends of the spring, as opposed to extension springs, which have tiny slots for hooks on each end. The reason torsion springs are more popular is because they are practically superior in every way. They are sturdier. They normally last longer. They require less parts, and they wear down the overall mechanism less. Extension springs are normally only used when on a tight budget or when the specific garage does not allow enough headroom for a torsion spring. Extension springs can be converted to torsion springs later on, should you want to do that, so you do not have to worry right now if torsion spring are outside your budget.

Dangerous Springs

When you are working on your garage door, your number one priority should be safety. Unfortunately, your garage door springs are potentially the most part of your garage door. This is because these are high tension springs that could cause harm to anyone or anything in the vicinity should they break. It should be noted that extension springs are much more dangerous than torsion springs, which are already dangerous to begin with. These springs have enough force in them that they could potentially kill someone, although it does not happen too often. They are also a danger to anything around you, so your car is at great risk. However, there are a multitude of ways to minimize the risk, which is why professionals rarely every get hurt fixing springs. Majority of accidents involving springs happen when homeowners attempt to repair or replace springs by themselves without any help from someone with more experience. The lack of proper tools also contributes to increased risk when it comes to springs, as these could result in springs breaking and injuring people. In truth, there are complex mechanics at work when dealing with springs, and most people do not have the necessary knowledge required to be able to work with springs safely. Exercise great caution when working with springs. Of course, the more favorable alternative would be to get someone who actually knows how to work with springs to do the job for you.

Garage Door Springs Repair and Replacement

Repairing your springs is no easy feat. It cannot be stressed enough how dangerous it is if you do it lacking experience or tools. Just some of the tool necessary include vise grips, winding bars, an array of wrenches, and a square head or 8 point socket. The winding bars are particularly important, as they allow you to stay safe while loosening or tightening the spring. Do not use any replacement or substitute for winding bars. The basic principle is that you have to loosen the spring before you do any sort of work on it, whether it is repairing the spring to make it usable again or completely replacing the spring. A lot of the time, garage door springs repair is often a quick fix that is used as a way to buy time. This is because springs that have already snapped or broken are prone to doing so again. This means that the more prudent solution is to replace the springs. This does not mean that repairing the springs is useless. It is actually quite effective in giving you time to shop around for affordable springs to replace your broken ones. Not to mention repairing springs take a much shorter time than replacing them. This means that you do not have to sacrifice hours because there is a temporary solution that only takes minutes. This is especially handy if you have anything important that you have to do at the moment that your spring breaks.

Professional Help for Your Springs

If you feel that garage door spring repair or any other job involving delicate springs is too dangerous or too problematic for you, then consider hiring someone who is far more experienced with it than you are. This means paying for it, but it can often be well worth it. If you are looking to hiring someone without breaking the bank, consider us at Garage Doors Kingwood. As long as you are in the Kingwood, Texas area, we can service your home or establishment 24/7, even on holidays, so you do not ever need to worry about us not being available. You can count on us to give you the fairest prices in the market. We only charge for the cost of labor, materials, transportation, and other necessities, with very little profit. You will be getting the best out of your buck from us, especially because we only hire the best professionals who have years of experience working with garage doors. They know all the important safety protocol needed to repair and replace springs. You need not worry about anyone getting hurt or any property getting damaged. Your springs are in good hands. If you ever plan to switch from extension springs to torsion springs, we can facilitate that, too. Just give us a call, and we can make all of it happen.

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