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Frequently Asked Questions

What will cost me more money: Getting my garage door fixed or replacing it with a new one?

There is no way to know that without examining the particular garage door in question. It is generally cheaper to have it repaired, but if the problem is really big or if it is beyond repair, then replacement is the better option.

Can I call you just to ask a question about my garage door?

Of course. If it can be fixed over the phone, we would be happy to help. We will let you know if your problem is too big and needs an actual expert to come to you.

I run a business with multiple garage doors. Do you take big commercial jobs?

Yes. We handle all sorts of garage door concerns, so you need not worry that the job is too big. We have dealt with businesses big and small before and continue to do so.

I am only available to supervise a repair job late at night. Is that ok?

Yes. We operate 24/7, and we do not charge extra for working late nights or holidays. If you can only get a job done at an odd hour, give us a call.

Is it alright to replace a perfectly functioning garage door with a newer model?

Yes. Garage door replacement is entirely the prerogative of the owner. Your garage door does not need to be broken for you to want to replace it. If you want a newer model, go for it.

My garage door is making sounds that it has not made before. What should I do?

Chances are that there is a lack of lubrication or there is a problem with one of the parts in the mechanism, which could cause damage if left untreated. Schedule an appointment with us at your earliest convenience.

The other garage door installment specialist I hired did a bad job. Can you fix it?

Yes. Just give us a call, so we can see what went wrong during the installment. We can have it fixed by one of our experts. It will be working properly in no time.

Is it possible that my garage door is broken after less than a year of use?

Yes. If the garage door was installed poorly or if it has not been properly maintained, there can be a number of things that go wrong with it. Have it fixed as soon as possible.

My home has two identical garage doors, but one needs replacing. Do I need to replace the other one?

That is up to you. There is some benefit to replacing both, such as keeping them aesthetically identical and getting a new garage door, but it is not necessary to replace both.

There is something wrong with my springs. Can I fix it myself?

If you are not experienced working with garage doors, call an expert, especially when working with springs, which are high tension and can be dangerous to work with.

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