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Quality Garage Door Repair Company In Kingwood TX Since 2005

garage doors company in kingwood tx


We expert in all the garage door openers drive type: belt, screw, chain and direct.


A lot of the parts and even the door itself will get worn down and eventually get spoiled.


We specialize in all kinds of commercial and residential garage door installation services


Our team is a group of specialists that provide 24 hour garage door repair service in Kingwood.

Servo Garage Door Repair

Looking for the best garage door service company in all of Kingwood, Houston Texas? No need to keep looking or spend hours in the internet reading reviews; Servo is the right company for the job. Our company, situated in Kingwood, Texas, has been providing the best garage door service for many years now. There are over 81,000 residents in the city, so imagine the number of homeowners in need of our services. We operate 24/7 in order to accommodate all service requests, especially emergencies. You’ll never know when you’re going to have problems with your garage door, so keep us on speed dial. Our team of professionals is capable of providing all services, including installations, part replacements, and repairs. Our mastery over the entire structure of a garage door–all of its parts and opener system–is what makes our services number 1 here in Kingwood.

We maintain the high-standard of all our services to bring our customers the best results. We aim for customer satisfaction, and we are always on target. Soon, Garage Door Repair Kingwood will be recognized all over the state of Texas and then the whole United States. Our garage door company business is legit with the right business permits from the state government. We are the real deal, and the services we offer are always accurate. The main reason we do this is to upgrade the security system of the homes here in the city. A well-secured garage door will be able to protect families from any form of harm from the outside.

Importance of a Garage Door

Most homeowners are convinced that their garage door only requires minimal maintenance. That is a common misconception. Garage doors without regular maintenance usually end up being heavily damaged from the inside. A damaged or out dated garage door can fall apart anytime. That opens to the possibility of putting you and your family at risk. To elaborate, the weight of a garage door is made-up of heavy materials like metal panels and metal tracks. What if that garage door came crushing down when you’re about to take out your car? The worst case scenario is that you or one of your family members get seriously injured. It doesn’t sound crazy; it’s a fact. This is why garage doors need to be well-maintained with repair and replacement jobs. Another thing to remember is that regular repairs are affordable and will surely keep the good condition of your garage door for years. Negligence with maintaining your garage door will only result in expensive installation jobs with new materials, new tools, and new garage panels.

Another terrifying possibility is this. What if robbers disassemble your garage door by removing the brittle panel and then they enter your home? It would be easy for them to remove a garage door’s track with tools from the outside. Think about these possibilities and then do something about it. We are always ready to provide you with the services you need. Remember that a well-maintained garage door provides the best security your family needs.

Our Team and Our Resources

Our team is composed of the best technicians in the city. All underwent extensive training and have years of experience. Our personnel are capable of providing repairs, replacements, installation, and inspection services. This is the best team for the job. We are honest and credible in what we do. We want our customers to feel secure when they avail of our services. Servo will always deliver the best results. The best results needs the best resources available, of course. Our company utilize the best tools, machineries, and technology in providing our services. The best factories in the industry manufacture the materials that we use. In order to improve our services, we decided to include security alarm installation. We can put up alarm systems, security cameras, and safety eyes. Safety eyes are sensors for the opener function of the garage door.

In order to deliver the best results, we have the best team and we have the best resources. We are passionate with what we do. and we will never be passive with providing our services. Our company grows year after year because of the trust we earned from our customers. We started with only roller lubrication and simple garage door repairs. Now we can provide massive installation services for both commercial and residential infrastructures. We will continue to grow and adapt to the modernizing world.

Our Core Value

Our core value is described by one word: security. Security before, during, and after work. Upon asking for our services, we want our customers to be confident in choosing Servo. In the middle of our services, either repairs or replacements, we want our customers to feel safe while we work within their homes. We want them to feel secure with our team inside working. Then after each service, we want them to be satisfied with the results. In line with that, we conduct inspections before and after our services. The pre inspection is to observe everything in need of fixing and the parts in need of replacement. After our services are complete, we want to double check if everything is done right and fitted well. After providing our services, we want our customers and their families to go to bed safe and sound.

Our services are available 24/7, and we are only a phone call away. We constantly monitor our emails. We accommodate over 50 customers daily and even more. Our price rates are also unbelievably affordable. Most of our customers inform us that we need to raise the bills we charge if we want to stay in business. We have been in business for many years, and we are consistent with the affordability of our services. The key is to earn more trust from more customers who are in need of garage door services. Servo Garage Door Repair is here to serve people. All we need is your call, and we will be on our way to you.

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